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This is probaly one of the most awesome app business pack you will ever find with revenue!

The ultimate app business pack and solution for any person or company who want to kickstart the business from day 1 with app sales and revenue.
In the sale we include 220+ apps and games,
websites, promo videos, our own marketplace, and app sale accounts.
See below what´s included in this pack:

Appstore bundle pack 1 ( 115+ apps & games on appstore)
Appstore bundle pack 2 ( 55+ apps & games on Appstore)
Google play pack 1 ( 23 Google play games)
Google play pack 2 ( 13 google play games)
Google play pack 3 ( 11+ google play games)
App marketplace ( Our own app marketplace with full rights)
Psycho zombie ( promo website for our zombie series games)
Brick defender ( promo game landing page)
Gangster island ( promo website with own sourcecode sale)

Complete App Business ready to run,
all codes belong to us and you get full rights, no 3rd party comissions and you keep ALL profit from sales:

Continue to sell the sourcecodes.
Add new codes for sale.
Sell published apps (if you like).
Market & Generate Revenue by advertising.
Keep doing the reskin service as we allready do.
Expand Game Business.

Full sourcecode of the complete business solution.
Full sourcecodes of all apps and games on the marketplace.
Use the game as a foundation for something else
Use assets and codes to generate new apps & games

Money, how much does this generate?

Right now there are daily sales of apps, in app and ads revenue but the games are not being promoted, the main income is from reskin, sourcecode selling and paid banner advertisements.
You could easilly generate more sales and revenue by advertise theese games and services.
Customers are getting in touch by google and asks for quotes.

Total earnings over 80.000usd the last 8 months.

Apps & sourcecodes:

All apps and games are built on the following platforms:

Apps & combined websites:

Some apps are combined with websites too, wich basically means that you will also be given theese following websites on top of everything else listed: ( website including web view IOS app) ( Swedish version of ( Search engine ranker tool)

What you get after purchase:

All apps on all accounts will be transfered to you.
All sourcecodes will be handed over directly. will be transfered to you. will be transfered to you. will be transfered to you. will be transfered to you.
All marketing materials & promo videos will be handed over.
Possibility to use us for coding, reskin etc in the future.
All editable game assets & graphics.
Sales account on Chupamobile will be handed over.
Sales account on other marketplaces will be yours.
Tons of other codes and not published apps included.

Social media accounts and everything that includes the description above will be handed over aswell.


If you use the buy it now on this deal we will also include

TWO pieces of iMac 27 inch wich has been used for coding & publishing and is packed with awesome material and unreleased codes aswell.

One MSI GT72 gaming laptop 2016 (used for developing)

Including world wide FREE shipping!!

Support You For 60 Days of the entire package.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to send us a message.

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